Monday, May 20, 2013

The Return of Sidney Doodlewhacker (Again)

The Return of Sidney Doodlewhacker (Again)

Hello all you butt monkeys out there in internet land. It's your old pal Uncle Sidney with yet another tirade against the flaming normals who troll the internet day and night looking for cheap thrills but don't have what it takes to get it up! Like this guy here Bucky Larson, The boy with the tiny penis. 

The other day, Mrs. Doodlewhacker #4 and I went to the Drive-In and out to eat. I went to the liquor store and bought a jar of Junior Johnson's Midnight Moon Moonshine and mixed it in my pepsi-cola. I guess I should let you folks in on a secret, after Mrs. Doodlewhacker #3 and my braindead son Pud tried to put me in the nuthouse and have Some goofy Christian nut-job friends of theirs who are really a cult de-program me and have Jay-ee-zuss come into my heart and throw away all my Favorite reading material and my bottles of cheap booze and give up smoking, I escaped the nuthouse and found a new wife and now we live in a cute little shack out by the railroad tracks. Well anyway, the first movie was awful, shouldn't be showed at a drive-in, but Mrs. Doodlewhacker wanted to see the second movie, I just like the Intermission Reel and the fact I can hang out with like-minded people and discuss current events and whatnot.

Well after the movie, me and Mrs. Doodlewhacker #4 was tired and headed home an then in the mornin' had breakfast and read the newspaper and then we took a ride to see my twin brother Seymour Doodlewhacker. Here's his picture.
Ain't he adorable? He's got such a great fashion sense.

Well see you monkey spankers next time.


Tuesday, August 21, 2012

I'm Finally Back!

Here I am again,after  so many of you diddly whackers begged me to come out of retirement and write this stupid blog or whatever the heck this piece of shit here on the computer machine I'm writing.
I finally got a real place to live in this stupid city so as I don't have to sleep under the overpass any more and eat junk food the idiots that drive by throw out of their car windows, the only problem is....I have to do my own god damn housework now that Mrs. Doodlewhacker and Pud has found Jesus. I found him once...right outside of the bar where I left him!.
I really gotta keep this short this time, seein' as I am at a public liberry and don' have much time an I wanna go home seein as I got half of a forty ounce in my frigerater goin flat. 
Before I go...I jes wanna say "Revenge of the Petites" is my new fave-rite Porno...Here is a link to the Review. new favorite site in the world is This one right here, You can read the whole Magazine FREE online!
Here's some news that jes got me madder'n spit! 
 And on a more serious note,Click this Link to be sent to the "POOR Magazine" Website.
Well kiddies...that's about alla time I have today...If'n I feel like it,I may post some more tomorrow.

Monday, August 13, 2012

Well, Well, Well! And welcome to the Sidney Doodlewhacker Show! I am your guest host, Th' Rocknroll Reverend, Close personal friend of Uncle Sidney. 
Sidney is re decorating his new home that I helped him get, It's a nice one bedroom apartment with several closets, a huge living room, antique claw tub and a nice area to grow his...ahem..herbal remedies. 
As you all know, Sidney has been bouncing back and forth here on the internet, trying his best to find a permanent home for his blog and keeps getting shut out by his ex-wife and stupid son Pud. 
I can't wait to see how ol' Sidney fixes up his new home. We already got him a better TV for his DVD and VCR Machines so he can watch his beloved Porn collection. 
Well kiddies, Sid just called me to let me know he will be taking over his blog soon...stay tuned and Stay Sick

Thursday, May 31, 2012

The NEW Sidney Doodlewhacker Show!

Sidney's New Website Is NOW Here.

Hello all you little dipshits out there. I know what you are all thinking, Where have you been Uncle Sidney? Well Uncle Sidney is about to tell you all a little story.

It all started when Uncle Sidney posted his last blog at his old site when my stupid son Pud came barreling in my shack,flipped off my TeeVee whilst I was watching Porno,crumpled my package of cigarettes and dumped out my Old Crow and told me to get down on my knees and pray to Jesus to save my soles. 
Well dammit, my feet weren't even hurting,so I hit that poor bastard inna face an his Maw started screamin' an then I ran out inna street an got hit by a street sweeper.

Well,Pud an his Maw thot I was daid so's they went rummagin' through my stuff,only to find 1,000,000 Porno Books an 2,000,000,000 Porno Movies and 85 Cases of Old Crow.
They tried to sell the stuff but peoples knew I was alive,so's no one bought 'em

Well Kiddies,Uncle Sidney has a new place to live,an a few links for ya's

This is where Uncle Sidney does his Shoppin'

This is where Uncle Sidney gets His Likker

An' This is where Uncle Sidney does his Readin'