Tuesday, August 21, 2012

I'm Finally Back!

Here I am again,after  so many of you diddly whackers begged me to come out of retirement and write this stupid blog or whatever the heck this piece of shit here on the computer machine I'm writing.
I finally got a real place to live in this stupid city so as I don't have to sleep under the overpass any more and eat junk food the idiots that drive by throw out of their car windows, the only problem is....I have to do my own god damn housework now that Mrs. Doodlewhacker and Pud has found Jesus. I found him once...right outside of the bar where I left him!.
I really gotta keep this short this time, seein' as I am at a public liberry and don' have much time an I wanna go home seein as I got half of a forty ounce in my frigerater goin flat. 
Before I go...I jes wanna say "Revenge of the Petites" is my new fave-rite Porno...Here is a link to the Review. 
Also...my new favorite site in the world is This one right here, You can read the whole Magazine FREE online!
Here's some news that jes got me madder'n spit! 
 And on a more serious note,Click this Link to be sent to the "POOR Magazine" Website.
Well kiddies...that's about alla time I have today...If'n I feel like it,I may post some more tomorrow.

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